Rental Tips

Ways to ensure you have a hassle free time on the water

A jet ski is a great way to have some fun out on the water. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford one of these entertaining water vehicles. Luckily, many places along the water, like Xtremem Watersports in Sarasota, Fl offers recreational vessel rentals so that you can get out and play on the waves. Here are a few tips to get you ready for your future rental.

  • Plan Ahead of Time

    Call before heading down to your local rental service make sure there are watercrafts available for rent. At Next Level Jet Ski Rental, we have a wide fleet of vehicles available, but always check before you head down, just to be safe.

  • Ask the Right Questions

    When you call ahead, make sure you ask the right questions, like checking to see if there is an age restriction for the rider or a limit to how many can ride aboard. If this is your first time and aren’t sure what to do, see if there is a lesson included before you take the Jet Ski out. Asking questions is a great way to have all of the facts so you aren’t blindsided by anything upon your arrival.

  • Bring the Right Information

    Make sure you bring the right information with you when you arrive. This includes your driver’s license, a major credit card and boater’s license, if required. Be sure to also get all the information you need, including any pre-rental instructions, demonstrations on how to operate the watercraft and details about Jet Ski safety. All renters in Florida are required to give this out, so if they don’t right away, be sure to get it.

  • Keep Track of Time

    Have something on you that will be able to keep track of time once you’re out on the water. We rent with a one-hour minimum, and rentals can be extended by half-hour increments, so you want to be sure to keep track of time. Having a water resistant watch or something similar on you is a great way to avoid going over your time and potentially getting charged a late fee. At Xtreme Watersports, we offer personal watercraft rentals that will allow you to go out and have a fun day on the water near Sarasota, Florida and were only minutes away from Lido Beach, longboat key, siesta key beach and Bradenton beach For more information on our rentals please feel free to call us @ (412)-304-4481